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You're a Christian, and you're a business person, but are you a Christian Business Person?
What guides your business policies and you as a professional? If it isn't a Biblical Worldview, then Bill Hufford can help.

Author of Against The Current - Biblical Worldview, a Guide to Culture Change, Bill can help you turn your business into a dynamic company founded on the right things.

Consider the examples of Chick-Fil-A, Four Rivers, and In-N-Out Burgers, all founded on Biblical principles. Each knows a success beyond all Earthly reason. It isn't limited to restaurants, those just tend to be the most visible.  If you're not sure this is for you, read Bill's book. If you're ready to get growing, contact Bill below.

Against the Current

Biblical Worldview - A Guide to Culture Change

Against the Current Book Cover


Where do you go from here?

You're a Christian, but what does that mean to your daily life, your business, your art?


Why is the world the way it is?

Learn eye-opening lessons about the Fall, God's promises and commands, and the distorted culture that thrives today -- see where that comes from.


What can I do?

Remember that you know the Prince of Peace, the Author of our Soul, and align yourself with His principles.

Bill Hufford explores what God has called us to and is a speaker, consultant, and advocate of culture change.

Learn more through this short book that will whet your appetite to first change your life, then the culture through the things you're meant to do!

We'll be building up this website in the weeks to come. You'll learn about the Why behind LBA, Who Bill Hufford is, and How he can help you!

What you need to know right now: Bill Hufford is a businessman, local politician, family man, and deeply imbedded in a Christian Worldview. He is a speaker and consultant who will challenge your ways of thinking, fire you up with possibilities, and help YOU set a course that fulfills what you were put on Earth for!

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